Conversion Factors

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Conversion Factors
Inches X 25.4 = Millimeters
Millimeters X 0.03937 = Inches
Feet X 0.03048 = Meters
Yards X 0.9144 = Meters
Meters x 39.370 = Inches
Meters x 3.2808 = Feet
Kilometers x 0.6214 = Miles
Miles x 1.6093 = Kilometer
Square millimeters x 0.00155 = Square inches
Square centimeters x 0.1550 = Square inches
Square inches x 6.4516 = Square centimeters
Square meters x 10.7639 = Square feet
Square meters x 1.1960 = Square yards
Square yards x 0.8361 = Square meters
Square feet x 0.0929 = Square meters
Cubic centimeters x 0.0610 = Cubic inches
Cubic inches x 16.3871 = Cubic centimeters
Cubic meters x 35.3147 = Cubic feet
Cubic feet x 0.0283 = Cubic meters
Kilograms x 2.2046 = Pounds
Pounds x 0.45359 = Kilograms
Metric tons (1000 kilograms) x 0.9842 = Tons
Tons x 1.016 = Metric tons
Kilograms per Square meter x 0.2048 = Pounds per square foot
Pounds per square feet x 4.882 = Kilograms per square meter
Kilograms per cubic centimeter x 14.223 = Pounds per square inch
Pounds per square inch x 0.0703 = Kilogram per square centimeter
Kilograms per cubic centimeter x 36.1273 = Pounds per cubic inch
Kilograms per cubic meter x 0.06243 = Pounds per cubic foot
Kilograms per cubic meter x 1.68555 = Pounds per cubic yard
Pounds per cubic inch x 0.0277 = Kilograms per cubic centimeter
Pounds per cubic foot x 16.019 = Kilograms per cubic meter
Pounds per cubic foot yard x 0.5933 = Kilograms per cubic meter
Kilograms per meter run x 2.016 = Pounds per yard

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