Alloy 35NCD16 (AIR 9160C)

Technical Data Sheet

35NCD16 is a low alloy steel which combines high strength and hardenability with good dimensional stability, making it an excellent alloy for large section mechanical parts or tooling of complex shapes subject to high stressses. In addition to aerospace structural applications, it is also suitable for mould for manufacturing plastic materials and bolster for drop stamps. 35NCD16 is supplied in either the Normalised & Tempered or Hardened & Tempered condition, but can also be heat treated with an additional sub-zero stage for increased strength and hardness.

Chemical Composition Limits
Weight% C Si Mn S P Cr Ni Mo
Alloy 35NCD16 0.30-0.40 0.15-0.40 0.30-0.60 0.02 max 0.025 1.60-2.00 3.50-4.20 0.25-0.60

Heat Treatments of 35NCD16 (as per AIR 9160)
Anneal: Heat to 680°C followed by slow cooling
N&T: Normalise @ 875°C / 1 hour air cool. Temper@ 650-675°C air cool
H&T: Harden @ 875°C / 1 hour air cool, Temper @ 550-580°C / 3 hours air cool
Harden, Sub-Zero & Temper: Harden @ 875°C / 1 hour air cool, Sub-Zero treat @ -75°C / 3 hours air warm, Temper @ 200-220°C / 2 hours air cool

Typical Mechanical Properties


Alloy Condition Tensile Strength MPa Yield Strength MPa Elongation % Reduction of Area % Hardness
35NCD16 Annealed - - - - 269 HB max
35NCD16 Normalised & Tempered 1000* 850* 19*   295 HB max
35NCD16 Hardened & Tempered 1230-1380 1030 min 10 40 363-415 HB
35NCD16 Harden, Sub zero & Tempered 1760-2010 1420 min 6 35 48 HRC min
* Typical properties only

Alloy 35NCD16 is available in Bar, in either the Normalised & Tempered or Hardened & Tempered Conditions.  For all stock availability contact Sales.

AIR 9160C
AIR 9161
AIR 0819
NCT10-123-11MD (Messier Dowty)
NCT10-123-19MD (Messier Dowty)
NCT15-131-03E (Messier Bugatti
IGC 04.24.111 Class 2 Rev A (Aerospatiale)
IGC 04.31.100 Rev C (Aerospatiale)
IGC 04.25.117 Class AA Rev B (Aerospatiale)
IGC 04.25.115 Class A Rev B (EADS)
ASNA 3133 (EADS)
AICMA Fe-PL 76 1.6773
NF A35571
NF EN 10081-1
NF EN 10250-3

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