Aluminium Alloy 2618A DTD 5014A

Technical Data Sheet

Aluminium 2618A is a high strength alloy containing both copper (2%) and magnesium (1.5%), imparting good machinability and a fair resistance to atmospheric attack. Due to its ability to work in higher temperatures applications, 2618A is commonly used for pistons and rotating aircraft parts. Whilst traditionally an aerospace alloy, it has become very popular in the production of motor racing pistons and other critical high technology appliciations.

Chemical Composition Limits
Weight% Al Si Fe Cu Mn Mg Ni Zn Ti Zr + Ti Other Each Others Total
Alloy 2618 USA Rem 0.10-0.25 0.9-1.3 1.9-2.7 - 1.3-1.8 0.9-1.2 0.10 max 0.04-0.10 - 0.05 max 0.15 max
Alloy 2618A EAA Rem 0.15-0.25 0.9-1.4 1.8-2.7 0.25 max 1.2-1.8 0.8-1.4 0.15 max 0.20 max 0.25 max 0.05 max 0.15 max

Typical Mechanical Properties


Material Size Diameter (mm) Tensile Strength min (N/mm²) Yield Strength min (N/mm²) Elongation in 50 mm %
Alloy 2618A Extruded Bar <10 400 320 5
Alloy 2618 Extruded Bar 10-100 420 340 7

Aircraft Materials stocks 2618A in a wide range of extruded round bar diameters, in T6 and T6511 tempers, to the following specifications:
DTD 5014A
MSRR 8018A (now replaced by RRMS 34000)
Ultrasonically tested to AMS-STD-2154 Class A

2618A is also available in some sheet thicknesses to DTD 5070

Aluminium alloy 2618A is available in extruded bar, sheet and plate. For all stock availability contact Sales

DTD 717A T6 Forging Stock and Forgings
DTD 731B T6 Forging Stock and Forgings
DTD 745A T6 Forging Stock and Forgings
DTD 5070B Clad Sheet and Strip (DTD5070)
DTD 5014 A Bars and Sections (DTD5014)
DTD 5084A T6 Forging Stock and Forgings
MSRR 8018
MSRR 8016 Plate
BS Pre-1980 H16
CM001-1 T6
CM001-3 H28
Hiduminium 58
SO7-1103 (S07-1103)
UNI 9002/6
AIRBUS - ABM1-1006
BAEM 1101 and BAEM 1103
MM 0531
AIR 9048.640 T351, T851
AIR 9051A
AIR 9048.150
AIR 9048.640
Werkstoff Nr. 3.1924 T651
EN 2123 T351, T851
EN 3553 T6511 BAR
CCT LA 767

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