Nickel Aluminium Bronze AMS 4590 (UNS C63020)

Technical Data Sheet

Chemical Composition Limits
Weight % Cu Al Cr Co Fe Pb Mn Ni Sn Zn Si
AMS 4590
74.5 10.0-11.0 0.05 0.2 4.0-5.5 0.03 1.5 4.2-6.0 0.25 0.30 0.15

C63020 (AMS 4590) is a Nickel Aluminum Bronze which is available in solid bar - AMS 4590
A special heat treatment process improves the mechanical properties beyond the range of commercial aluminum bronzes. This alloy is an extra high strength version of nickel aluminum bronze. It is used where parts require extra high strength and hardness with some ductility and toughness. Typical applications include military aircraft bushings involving heavy loads, abrasion and high deformation. The extra high strength characteristics provide extreme wear resistance for extreme loads, abrasive wear, and high impact landings (such as aircraft carrier landings).

Typical Mechanical Properties

Material Condition Size Tensile strength ksi Yield Strength ksi Elongation 4D % Hardness HRC (min)
AMS 4590 Solution Treated and Tempered Bar <1.00" 135 100 6 26
AMS 4590 Solution Treated and Tempered Bar 1.00" - 2.00" 130 95 6 26
AMS 4590 Solution Treated and Tempered Bar 2.00" - 4.00" 130 90 6 26

Physical Properties AMS 4590
Density (lb/Cu. in) - 269
Electrical Conductivity %IACS - 6% est.
Thermal Conductivity (CGS) - 0.11 est.

Typical Uses - AMS 4590
Oil & Gas - Rock Bit Bearings, Bushings, & Washers, BOP Parts, Wellhead Components
Aerospace - Landing Gear Parts, Strut Bushings
Automotive - Bearings, Off-Highway Truck Bushings, Forming Roll Bearings
Marine - Pump Parts, Bushings
Industrial - Cams, Shafting, Hydraulic Bushings for Earth Moving,Equipment, Valve Balls, Cryogenics, Drill Guide Bushings
Military - Tank Track Bearings, Bushings, Aircraft Components

Sizes available: AMS 4590 SOLID BAR 3/4” - 8” diameter
HR50: extruded / cold drawn / heat treated (3/4” - 3” diameter inclusive)
TQ50: hot forged / heat treated (3 1/8“ - 8” diameter inclusive). For all other stock availability contact Sales.

AMS 4590B Extrusions, Nickel - Aluminium Bronze, Solution Heat Treated and Tempered (TQ50)
ASTM B-150

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