Aluminium Bronze 9C AMS 4871 (UNS C95400)

Technical Data Sheet

Chemical Composition Limits
Weight % Cu Al Fe Mn Ni
AMS 4871 / 4873
83.5 10.5-12.00 3.0-4.3 0.50 0.5

Aluminium Bronze C95400 is a cast aluminum bronze with high strength properties, and excellent resistance to wear and corrosion. Although this alloy is supplied in the cast condition, it can be heat treated to enhance its mechanical properties and comply to more demanding applications.

Typical Mechanical Properties


Tensile Strength ksi

Yield Strength ksi Elongation 4D %
AMS 4871 / 4873
Separately Cast Specimins
85 45 5

Physical Properties AMS 4871 / AMS 4873 - Aluminium Bronze
Melting Point - Liquidus - 1900 F
Melting Point - Solidus - 1880 F
Density - 0.269 lb/in 3 at 68 F
Specific Gravity - 7.45
Electrical Resistivity - 80.2 ohms-cmil/ft @ 68 F
Electrical Conductivity - 13 %IACS @ 68 F
Thermal Conductivity - 33.9 Btu · ft/(hr · ft2· o F)at 68F
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion - 9.0 ·10 -6 per o F (68-572 F)
Specific Heat Capacity - 0.1 Btu/lb/o F at 68 F
Modulus of Elasticity in Tension - 15500 ksi
Machinability Rating - 60%

Aluminium Bronze 9C AMS 4871 is available in
SOLID BAR - 1/2" - 12" diameter
HOLLOW BAR (Continuous Cast) -1/2" I.D. x 1" O.D. thru 9" I.D. x 10" O.D.
HOLLOW BAR (Centrifugal) - up to 20" O.D. (stock) / up to 50" O.D. special order
WEAR PLATE - 1/4" x 12" thru 6" x 12"
SQUARE BAR -up to 8" .
For all other stock availability contact Sales.


ASTM B-505
AMS 4871, 4873
SAE J461, J462
ASTM B-271
SAE J462, J461
UNS C95400

Typical Uses of Aluminium Bronze 9C AMS 4871
Oil & Gas - Bearing Surfaces, Wear Plates, Guides, Pipe Welding Back-up Shoes
Automotive - Weld Guns, Guide Post Bushings, Stamping Dies
Fasteners - Large Hold Down Screws, Nuts
Other Industrial - Valve Seats, Pressure Blocks, Bearing Segments, Valves, Bushings, Machine Parts, Valve Bodies, Bearings, Worm Gears, Landing Gear Parts, Pump Parts, Heavily Loaded, Worm Gears, Spur Gears, High Strength Clamps, Gears,Valve Guides, Pickling Hooks
Marine - Ship Building, Covers for Marine Hardware

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