Silicon Nickel Copper NS5 (UNS C64700)

Technical Data Sheet

Chemical Composition Limits
Weight % Cu Ni Si
Bal 2.5 0.65

Alloy NS5 is a wrought Silicon Nickel Copper structural hardening alloy. Transformation by extrusion, forging or die stamping followed by quenching and hardening, plus cold-drawing for diameters smaller than 35 mm. Suitable for cold forming in quenched condition, but the hardened condition must be obtained after forming. Suitable for hard brazing, but loss of mechanical properties.

Plunger tips for die casting machines
Connectors – Railway industry
Valve guides
Bearing cages – Aeronautical industry
Short-circuit rings
Antifriction rings
Insert for plastic injection moulds – Automotive industry

NS5 is available in Bar, Billet, Rod and Rolled Products For all other stock availability contact Sales.

DTD 498 RWMA Class 3
BS B25
NS 5
DIN 17666 WS 2.0855
DIN 17672 WS 2.0855
DIN 44759 cl A3.2
CuNi2Si or CuNi3Si
NFL 14-701
ISO 1187
EN 12163 - CW111C
EN 12165 - CW111C
EN 12167 - CW111C
EN 12420 - CW111C
UNS C64700

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