Part Number AP1D / ARCAP AP 1D

Technical Data Sheet

ARCAP AP 1D is a non-ferrous copper-nickel-zinc alloy, meeting the requirements of automatic lathe performance and proving an ease of machinability, which is one of the best, and excellent corrosion resistance to the majority of chemical and physical environments, remarkable to the scaling by hard water and enrockment by powder products. It is strictly non-magnetic, and temperature variations have almost no effect on its resistivity.

Chemical Composition Limits
Weight % Cu Ni Mn Pb Sn Fe Zn
ARCAP AP 1D 59.00-63.00 23.00-26.00 max 0.50 0.80-1.10 0.60 max 0.25 max bal

ARCAP AP 1D Use and Application Range: this quality is especially adapted for electronic and fiber optic connectors but also matches watch parts and others.

ARCAP AP 1D has tolerance of
- dia <10.00mm, cold drawn, on request also ground; ISO h8
- dia 11.00 - 28.00mm cold drawn, on request also ground; ISO h9
- Bar length tolerance: 0/+50.00mm
- Tighter tolerances on request

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