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Polyacetal (Acetal) Copolymer
Name Machinability Main Characterisitics Stock Shape Colour Temp Range °C
Very Good
• Good resistance to attack by a wide range of chemicals (Copolymer has better chemical resistance than Homopolymer)
• Both the Copolymer and the Homopolyer have excellent mechanical and bearing properties (Homopolyer has better mechanical properties than Copolymer)
• Good electrical insulating properties
• Almost no moisture absorption
• Resistance to abrasion and repeated impacts
• Considered to machine like soft brass
• Polyacetal extrusions tend to have slightly porous centres
• For outdoor applications use black material
• No self extinguishing - caution: burns almost invisibly

LT 100
LT -50
Ref - Temp range °C is suggested working temperature in air ST = Short Term LT = Long Term. Please ask if you have any special stock or colour requirements

Similar Specifications
Hostaform, Ultraform

Product Known As
POM C Tecaform AH, Ertacetal C, Sustarain C, Gehr POM-C, Centrodal C, Zellamid 900, Zellamid 900 SW, Ominacetal C, Sustarin C GLD 350, Sustarin C FG, Centrodal C FG
POM C Glass Fiber Tecaform AH GF 25, Sustarin C GF 25, Centrodal GF 30
POM C PE Tecaform AH LA, Glide-Gehr POM-10 PE, Centrodal GL, Zellamid 900 XPE, POM PAS-L , POM PAS LX
POM C Conductive Carbon Black Tecaform AH ELS, Sustarin C ESD 60, GEHR POM- ELS, Centrodal LF, Zellamid 900 XU ELS
POM C Antistat Tecaform AH SD, Semitron ESD 225, Sustarin C ESD 90, POM ESD, Zellamid 900 XAS, Sustarin C ESD 90 Plus
POM C Antistat Food Grade GEHR POM ESD FG
POM C PTFE Tecaform AH TF10, Sustarin C TF, Glide GEHR, Centrodal TF, POM PAS L, POM PAS LX
POM C Antimicrobial Tecaform AH San, Centroguard
POM C Medical Grade Tecaform AH MT, Acetron LSG, Sustarin C MG, Centrodal W
POM C X-Ray Detectable Acetron MD, Sustarin C XDT
POM C PTFE Sustarin C GLD 160

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