Magnesium Welding Alloy AZ33A

Technical Data Sheet


Chemical Composition Limits
Weight% Mg Ce Zn Zr Zr Others
Alloy AZ33A Bal 2.5-4.0 2.0-3.1 0.45-1.0 total 0.45 max soluble 0.30 max total


Used on

MSRR 8013, 2L126, 2L128, MAG6,
AMS 4442, ZR1 to ZTY (MSRR 8015)
ASTM B80, QQ-M-56B
HK31A, HM21A, HM31A, QE22A to HK31A,

Cross-Reference of Specifications AMS 4396 (C)
MSRR 9500/50
UNS M12330
AWS A5.19 R-EZ33A
Availability Ex stock MIG spools and TIG rods For all stock availability contact Sales.

Weld Properties

Melting Range 1013°F - 1184°F
EZ33A is a Mg - Rare Earth - Zn - Zr alloy which is widely used for joining alloys for elevated temperature use.

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