Nickel Silver

NICKEL SILVERS are copper alloys with the additions of zinc and nickel. Their special blend of mechanical properties, physical properties and performance characteristics depend on the relative proportions of the three elements. Their attractive colour varies from pale gold to silvery white. They are termed nickel silvers because they contain nickel and are, by and large, silvery in appearance. But the term is some what misleading since they are neither nickel-based alloys nor do they contain silver! They are best considered as brasses to which nickel is added, primarily to improve tarnish resistance, oxidation resistance and general mechanical performance characteristics. Nickel Silvers are capable of providing a unique combination of strength, high modulus spring properties, corrosion resistance, anti-gaulling properties, excellent cryogenic performance and numerous other attributes combined with ease of forming, machining, plating and joining.

Nickel Silver is available in Rods, Bar, Sheet and Foil (Shim). For all stock availability contact Sales.

Nickel Silver Chemical Composition Limits
Weight % Cu Ni Pb Mn Fe Zn
NS 101 45 10 2     Remainder
NS 104 63 12   0.2   Remainder
NS 106 63 18   0.3   Remainder
NS 752 63-66.5 16.5-19.5 0.05 0.5 0.25 Remainder
SILVERSPEED 49 7 3 2   Remainder
Available in Rods, Bar, Sheet and Foil Shim

NS 101 10% Nickel Silver Rod BS2874:NS101
NS 104 12% Nickel Silver Sheet BS2870:NS104
NS 106 18% Nickel Silver Sheet BS2870:NS106
SILVERSPEED-XL Extra Free Machining Rod

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