Titanium Alloy BS TA28 (Grade 5 / 6Al-4V)

Technical Data Sheet

Titanium Grade 5 (6Al-4V) is perhaps the most commonly used titanium alloy. Titanium 6Al-4V has a very good strength-to-density ratio and is also significantly stronger than the commercially pure grades. These properties mean it is used extensively in the aerospace industry. It has good bio-compatibility with human bones and tissue making it useful for both medical applications and jewelry. The ELI (Extra-Low Interstitial) grade is used in the production of medical implants.

Chemical Composition Limits
Weight % Ti C Fe N Al O V H
Titanium TA28 Ti-6Al-4V bal 0.08 0.05 0.05 5.5/6.75 0.20 3.5-4.5 0.015 sheet, 0.0125 bar & 0.0100 billet

TA28 is a higher tensile version of 6AL-4V and is generally used in the manufacture of fasteners. It has a tensile strength requirement (after heat treating) of 1100-1300 Mpa. The limited ruling section is 20mm.

Typical Mechanical Properties

Material Tensile Strength Mpa Yield Strength Mpa Elongation (%) Reduction of Area
min max min
Titanium TA28 1100 1300 970 8 20
TA28 Heat Treated 870°C - 950°C min 10 minutes, water quench, heated 460°C - 550°C for min 2 hours, air cool.

TA28 is available in Bar, Rod and Wire. Titanium 6Al4V is available in Bar, Billet, Castings, Extrusion, Plate, Forging Stock, Sheet, Strip, Wire, Welding Wire, Rings and Forgings. For further stock and size information contact Sales.

Similar Specifications

British Spec American Spec ASTM Specs European Specs
BS 3 TA10 sheet,strip
BS 3 TA11 bar
BS 2 TA12 forging stock
BS 2 TA13 forgings
BS 3 TA28 forging stock, wire
(Tensile 1100-1300MPa)
BS 2 TA56 plate
BS 2 TA59 sheet,strip
MSRR 8614
MSRR 8652
DTD 5163
DTD 5363
AMS 4907 ELI Sheet, strip, plate (annealed- ELI)
AMS 4911 Sheet, strip, plate (annealed)
AMS 4928 Bar, wire, forgings (annealed)
AMS 4930 ELI Bar, wire, forgings (annealed- ELI)
AMS 4931 ELI Bar, wire, forgings (duplex annealed- ELI)
AMS 4963 Bar, wire, forgings (modified strength)
AMS 4965 Bar, wire, forgings (solution treated & aged)
AMS 4967 Bar, wire, forgings (annealed, heat treatable)
AMS 4985 Investment castings (130ksi UTS)
AMS 4991 Investment castings (Hot Isostatic Pressed)
AMS 6931 Bar, wire, forgings (annealed)
AMS 6932 Bar, wire, forgings (annealed- ELI)

AMS-T-9046 AB-1 Sheet, strip, plate (annealed)
AMS-T-9046 AB-2 (ELI) Sheet, strip, plate (annealed- ELI)
AMS-T-9047 6Al-4v Bar, wire, forgings (annealed)
AMS-T-9047 6Al-4v (ELI) Bar, wire, forgings (annealed- ELI)

MIL-T-9046J AB-1 Sheet, strip, plate (annealed)
MIL-T-9046J AB-2 (ELI) Sheet, strip, plate (annealed- ELI)
MIL-T-9046H Type 3 Comp C Sheet, strip, plate (annealed)
MIL-T-9046H Type 3 Comp D Sheet, strip, plate (annealed- ELI)
MIL-T-9047 6Al-4v Bar, wire, forgings (annealed)
MIL-T-9047 6Al-4v (ELI) Bar, wire, forgings (annealed- ELI)
ASTM Specifications
ASTM B265 Gr5 Sheet/plate
ASTM B348 Gr5 bar
ASTM B367 Gr5 castings
ASTM B381 Gr5 forgings
ASTM F136 Gr5 Implant Grade(*ground*)
ASTM F467 Gr5 nuts
ASTM F468 Gr5 bolts

EN 3311
ASNA 3304
ASNA 3307
DMD 776-24
DMD 774-25
WS 3.7164 (Aerospace)
WS 3.7165

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